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FP Series Gear Reducers - GAM

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GAM - FP Series Gear Reducers

FP Series Gear Reducers by GAM

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The FP Series is a flange output inline planetary gearbox that offers advantages in space and performance. The output flange allows machine elements such as pinion gears, pulleys, rotary index tables, and transmission shafting to be easily connected directly to the output. The design also provides high torsional and tilting rigidity that improves machine performance.

Product Benefits:
• Compact design
• High tilting and torsional rigidity
• Precision low backlash gears
• Lightweight
• Long design life of 20,000 hours
• Lubricated for life
• Ready for motor mounting
• Ratios 3:1 - 91:1
• Frame sizes from 50 mm to 120 mm

FP-F Model:
• A true zero backlash connection of the pinion to the gearbox.
• Ideal for compact, rigid systems
• Available with flange gearbox and rotating arm

FP-FB Model:
• Bellows Coupling Output
• A compact gearbox solution for space constraints
• Fixing output will allow rotation of flange
• Excellent for integrating into a robot

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