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Smartdot Laser Sensor - Tri-Tronics

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Tri-Tronics - Smartdot Laser Sensor

Smartdot Laser Sensor by Tri-Tronics

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SMARTEYE® SmartDot Laser Sensor - Precision Laser Sensor

The SMARTEYE® SmartDot Laser Sensor from Tri-Tronics Company, is designed for precise, small parts detection at long ranges. The consistently small laser beam is used to detect such things as a tab on a battery, a misaligned or missing bottle cap, or a cross-threaded can lid. The SmartDot Laser Sensor can be easily aligned, repeatedly in order to be used in the inspection and rejection of micro-parts such as the legs on an IC chip, threads on a bolt or screw, and to check for a number of critical identifying features on miniature products, like syringes and other biomedical devices.

The SMARTEYE® SmartDot Laser Sensor has an OLED display providing the kind of visual confirming information which makes setup a breeze, and instills confidence in understanding just how well the sensor will perform long-term. Displaying all the necessary information to determine proper setup for maximum up-time was the ultimate deciding factor in including the OLED display in this highly capable sensing device. Should any applications require small spot precision, or micro part detection or inspection, the new SmartDot Laser Sensor from Tri-Tronics should be the first choice.

Consistent Laser Beam Spot
(throughout beam path)
Repeatable Alignment
(from sensor to sensor)
OLED Graphic Display
180 degree Rotating Connector
NPN and PNP Outputs
M12, 5 pin Connector, or Cable
10-30VDC, IP 68
240 microseconds Response Time
Push Button AUTOSET
10-LED Contrast Indicator
Threshold and Set-Point Numeric Graphic
Timers; On Delay, Off Delay, One Shot
Red Laser, Class 1
Button Lockout
Sensor Scope Diagnostics
Short Range, Long Range, Retroreflective Models

Easily Align Replacement Sensors
See Through Tight Spaces at Long Distances
Easy Setup
Low Maintenance
Confident Setup
Robust and Durable
High Speed

Small Parts Detection
Bottle Cap Alignment
Can Lid Cross-threading
Vision System Trigger
Metal Thread Detection on Machined Parts
Small Hole Detection at up to 18 Inches

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Tri-Tronics Distributor - United States

Tri-Tronics, the pioneer in high-performance high-speed sensors, offers a wide range of photoelectric & ultrasonic sensors, fiber-optic light guides and rotary encoders for industrial automation and motion feedback control.   For 60 years we have provided innovative solutions to real-world applications.   The performance of our sensor products and ruggedness of our encoders products sets us apart from the competition in the market. In a world where equipment must run faster and produce more, performance is everything.   Our company\\\'s principles and philosophy are built on trust that is earned. We care about your success.