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AMETEK Distributor

United States


AMETEK 1989CA-32-R-12-S-E-C-S-T - 1989 Quick-Set III Multiturn PLS CPU Module Only. No Keypad 32 Output Circuits, Reslover, 4096 Positions (12 bit resolution), Single Turn Resolver, Current Sinking, Fault Check Output, Brank Monitor, Timed Dwell




AMETEK Distributor - United States

AMETEK, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices and consists of two operating groups:

Electronic Instruments - a leading manufacturer of advanced monitoring, testing, calibrating, and display instruments for the process, aerospace, power and industrial.

Electromechanical Instruments - a differentiated supplier of electrical interconnects, technical motors and systems, and electric motors for floor care and other specialty applications.

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