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Applimotion Distributor

United States


Applimotion SM23165DT-C-AD1 - Smart Motor 23 short stack, high torque with CanOpen and 24 V I/O


About Applimotion


Applimotion Distributor - United States

Applimotion is 100% focused on engineering solutions to customer requirements. In today's changing environment, traditional motor suppliers, system integrators and distributors are not adding the value they once did. Applimotion designs, evaluates, and helps you engineer this component into your assembly then provides a complete solution for manufacturing that cannot be matched by the traditional supply chain.

Applimotion brings design and technical support to a new level. Whether it is a high volume low cost motor for a medical device or a precision direct drive rotary stage using one of Applimotion's ULT series ultra-thin motors, Applimotion can help with a unique design, system engineering support, performance verification, sourcing of complimenting components, and automated test equipment.

To inquire about price and availability of the Applimotion SM23165DT-C-AD1, please contact:

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