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Danfoss Distributor

United States


Danfoss 131G0279 - FC-302P37KT5E20H2BGXXXXSXXXXA0BXCXXXXDX 37 KW / 50 HP, 380 - 500 VAC, Three phase, IP20 / Chassis No Mains Option, Graphical Loc. Cont. Panel, RFI Class A2 (C3), Not Coated PCB, MCA-101 Profibus DP V1, No B Option, No C0 option, No...


About Danfoss


Danfoss Distributor - United States

Danfoss is the world leader in dedicated drives. Drives are our business, our focus. Danfoss is independent of motor manufacturers and adapts to any motor technology.

To inquire about price and availability of the Danfoss 131G0279, please contact:

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