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BG75 X 75 - RE30-3-500TI


Dunkermotoren Distributor

United States


Dunkermotoren BG75 X 75 - RE30-3-500TI - Dunkermotor brushless permanent magnet motor with digital halls, 60VDC winding, 3000rpm, 1.16Nm torque, 500 lpr 5VDC encoder with differential A,B,I and line driver output.


About Dunkermotoren


Dunkermotoren Distributor - United States

Dunkermotoren engineers and manufactures system solutions based on:

• Brushless DC servo motors/ brush-type DC motors
• Integrated power- and logic controllers
• Planetary- and worm gearboxes
• Linear direct drives
• Encoders and brakes

Enjoy the benefits of a global partner with different production- and logistic locations in Europe, China and USA.

To inquire about price and availability of the Dunkermotoren BG75 X 75 - RE30-3-500TI, please contact:

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