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Dynapar Distributor

United States


Dynapar HS35R-0900-4320 - Industrial-duty dollowshaft encoder (non-returnable)


About Dynapar


Dynapar Distributor - United States

Dynapar is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of motion feedback control devices which include rotary encoder products and brushless/frameless resolvers. Our proven rotary encoder and resolver solutions are globally used in a variety of industries such as Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and Windpower, to name a few. Dynapar’s vast rotary encoder product portfolio offers a wide selection of incremental encoders and absolute encoders that are engineered with cutting edge optical or magnetic technology. Whether your applications are heavy, industrial, servo, or light-duty, Dynapar’s trusted family of Harowe, Hengstler, NorthStar and Dynapar rotary encoder and resolver brands can be custom-built to your specifications.

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